Thursday, May 6, 2010

Your association or club on display

Marketing for your association or club is not as hard as you might think. A great, inexpensive way to reach people in your town and to advertise your small non-profit-organization (NPO) is advertising in shop windows and display cases.

Perhaps there are display cases in your town or city that small NPOs can rent for little money or even no money at all.
You can design your display case again and again with very little effort.
Depending on the kind of display case you use, you can put in posters or even whole exhibits.
Keep your showcase clean and up to date! No one likes to read old, yellowed newspaper clippings with dead mosquitoes around. Set out new information in your display case at regular intervals - this will attract visitors' attention over and over again.

Be mindful with copyrights. If you exhibit photos, the people shown should agree to the publication of their image.

If you do not have a display case, you should check with local stores that have a shop window. Ask these stores whether you can present your club in one corner of the shop window. Maybe there is a local company that has supported you before? Or has one of the club members a shop in a great location with a shop window?
It is also possible to present your association in the shop window of a local store for a few days every months.
Do not hesistate to ask local companies!

It should become clear from your display case or shop window, what your club does. Many people may come by for the first time and not know exactly what your club is for. It is best to mix the latest club news with general information about your club.

Do not put too much text. Rather display lots of photos and graphics. Photos should not be too small, otherwise people will not be able to see them properly through the glass. Print your photos on letter sized photo paper. Make sure to replace the photos before they fade out (that can happen very fast in the sun - a few dayscan make a big difference)!

Always add the address of your website. Anyone who remembers the URL might look at the website at home.
When presenting your club also mention a contact, for example
the chairman of your club, so people know where the information comes from.

Both your display case, and the space in the shop window you can decorate to suit the season. But do not go overboard with decorations. Too much can become corny and therefore deterrent.
You can use decoration to attract people from a distance - for example, with lots of color and unusual things

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