Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Consistent appearance for your business or organization

When looking at the appearance of your business or organization it is important to show consistency. This will help to improve the brand recognition and also provide your appearance with a professional look.

A short, concise and catchy company/organization name is important. This name should differentiate you from the masses and from competitors. Of course, the name should fit your target group and be easy to spell.

Once you have a name, have a freelancer (or an affordable agency) design your logo. The money spent for it will be worth it.
There are different types of logos:
* Logo that consists of a sign, such as single letters, numbers or abbreviations.
* Logo that consists of the company name, product name or a name made up.
* Logo that consists of a picture or illustration.
With this kind of logo it can take a while for the company to be become known for its logo. Therefore, as an entrepreneur you should choose a different type of logo.
* Logos that consist of a combination of graphical and textual elements.
These kind of logos will be recognized fastest and they are easier to remember.

Viewers should be able to identify and recognize your new logo without any problems. It should be easily readable - even from a greater distance or when displayed smaller.

Your logo should consist of only one color, since printing a multicolored logo will be more expensive. Also, your logo should look good when black and white so you can use it universally. Monochrome logos do not have to be boring.

Once you have your logo, have stationery designed and printed, as well as business cards.

Additionally, you should choose a certain font that will fit your company. This will be your 'home font' from now on. You will use this particular font for all your printed matters.

Make sure, all your advertising material shows consistent appearance.

Your logo should always be used in the same way. Always use the same color, the same proportions and place it at the same position. Always use your 'home font' in the same size on your advertising material. If you use colors, make sure they are used consistently as well.

Adjust all your advertising material (logo, stationery, business cards, sign, brochures, website) to make sure the appearance is consistent.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Differentiate your business from others

Think about what makes your business different? Why do clients come to YOU? What do you offer your clients that they cannot get anywhere else?

One possibility in order to find out is to apply a strength-weakness profile of your business. Here, you will list, compare and grade all strengths and weaknesses the business has, as well as the most important competitors. In doing so you can grade different factors such as the range of articles, product qualities, production, market share, location, services, expenses, profitability, quality of managers, staff turnover, research and development, distribution, supply with resources and energy, as well as the marketing concept.
For each feature you assign a grade for your business, as well as a grade for your competitors (such as your strongest competitor).
With this strength-weakness profile you will have the possibility to find out where you competitive position is.

A unique selling proposition, such as a 24/hour telephone service can help you to improve your competitive position. It can also bring you new clients, who will use your services instead of those of your competitors. Therefore, look closely on which possibilities you have to reach a unique selling proposition.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Local marketing

For small and medium businesses well thought out, regional marketing (local marketing) is a great chance. Even with a small budget effective results can be accomplished. Of course different measures, such as local public relations, advertisements, direct marketing, local sponsoring, as well as a well thought out pricing policy should be combined. A well-balanced marketing mix will make it possible to increase the volume of sales.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

You don't need to know everything

Lo importante no es saber, sino tener el tel éfono del que sabe.
(Les Luthiers)

The important thing is not knowing something, but to know the phone number of the one who know.
(Les Luthiers)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Marketing is essential for the success of your business or organization

Not only do you need a well-planned marketing strategy, but also an appealing design.

Do you have a small business or you are working as a freelancer and you want to address more potential customers?
You are chairman of an organization which is looking for new members?
Your marketing strategy is already set in place, but you need new and creative ideas?
You are thinking about whether you should finally get a website for your business or you don't like your current internet presence anymore?
You just need some support with the layout and design of your leaflets, brochures, and ads?

Many small businesses and freelancers loose potential clients due to a lack of time or an appropriate marketing planning. Marketing does not have to be expensive. Even with a small budget you can achieve a lot.

I am offering comprehensive consulting and all around service for your marketing.
Contact me today at cdoering@agadugu.de.