Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Differentiate your business from others

Think about what makes your business different? Why do clients come to YOU? What do you offer your clients that they cannot get anywhere else?

One possibility in order to find out is to apply a strength-weakness profile of your business. Here, you will list, compare and grade all strengths and weaknesses the business has, as well as the most important competitors. In doing so you can grade different factors such as the range of articles, product qualities, production, market share, location, services, expenses, profitability, quality of managers, staff turnover, research and development, distribution, supply with resources and energy, as well as the marketing concept.
For each feature you assign a grade for your business, as well as a grade for your competitors (such as your strongest competitor).
With this strength-weakness profile you will have the possibility to find out where you competitive position is.

A unique selling proposition, such as a 24/hour telephone service can help you to improve your competitive position. It can also bring you new clients, who will use your services instead of those of your competitors. Therefore, look closely on which possibilities you have to reach a unique selling proposition.

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