Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This blog won't be updated any more!

Due to only a few visits every now and then, I am no longer updating this blog!

However, you can visit the German version of this blog on agadugu.wordpress.com.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Simple image optimization with Adobe Photoshop – Brighten pictures and change contrast

Mainly graphic and media designers are using Photoshop for image editing. This is partly due to the high price, but also due to the complexity of the software.

If you have access to Photoshop (no matter which version – an old one is perfectly fine too), you can seize the opportunity to acquire some tricks with the software.

Brighten dark images

If a photo is too dark, you can brighten it easily.

  • Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast
  • Image > Adjustments > Levels
  • Image > Adjustments > Shadow/Highlight (to brighten dark areas)
  • Image > Adjustments > Curves

Adjust images that seem dull or too bright

  • Image > Adjustments > Auto Levels
    Usually works without problems and is the easiest way for Photoshop beginners.
  • Image > Adjustments > Levels
  • Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast

It is probably best for you to just try out these few functions in order for you to understand how each one works.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Color symbolism: Meaning of colors III - The colors orange and brown

The significance of the colors orange and brown in Western Europe and USA:

The color orange
  • Orange combines the energy of red with the happiness of yellow. Usually, the color symbolizes joy, sunshine, the tropics, enthusiasm, fascination, creativity, determination, attraction, success, encouragement and inspiration.
  • For the human eye, orange is a very hot color. Nevertheless, orange is not as aggressive as red.
  • As a citrus color, orange is associated with healthy food and also stimulates the appetite.
  • Orange is the color of autumn and harvest and symbolizes strength and endurance.
  • Design and Advertising
    Orange has very high visibility and is therefore used to attract attention and highlight the main elements of a design. The color orange is particularly suitable for the advertising of food and toys.
  • Color gradiations
    Dark orange represents deceit and mistrust.
    Red orange is associated with desire, sexual passion, pleasure, dominance, aggression and drive.
    Gold is associated with illumination, wisdom, wealth and high quality and evokes the feeling of prestige.

The color brown
  • Brown represents health, authenticity, down-to-earthness, steadfastness, simplicity, convenience and reliability.
  • Brown is a warm neutral color that can stimulate the appetite.
  • Color gradiations
    Red brown is associated with autumn and harvest.

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