Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How to create a facebook page for your business or organization

Online marketing is becoming increasingly important for small businesses, organizations and also freelancers. Marketing through social media is becoming more and more interesting. Facebook is the social network, where most users have an account. Therefore, you should also take the opportunity to market your business or organization here. The start is simple – just create a facebook page for your business or organization.
  • In order to create a facebook page for your business or organization you need to register with facebook and then log in with your username.
  • On the left side click „Ads and Pages“, click on „Pages“.
  • Here, you click the button „Create new page“.
  • Depending on who you want to create the page for, you have different options: „Official Page“, „Community Page“ or a group.
  • Official Page is meant for businesses, organizations and artists.
  • Community Page you create when you are looking for people to share a certain topic with, such as „Recycling“.
  • For your business, you should create an official page.
  • Here you can choose from three different options: „Local business“, „Brand, product, or organization“ and „Artist, band, or public figure“. For each option, you also have to choose your industry/kind of business/organization/person.
  • Add the name of your future page and then check the box „I’m the official representative ...“, to facebook’s terms. Click „Create Official Page“.
  • Now you have created your facebook page.
  • Now upload your company logo or a picture of yourself. This picture will be shown as a profile picture next to each of your entries. To upload your picture go over the grey question mark with your mouse, click „Change Picture“ and then „Upload a Picture“. Now you can choose a picture from your hard drive and upload as a profile picture. It is best to choose a picture that is squared, otherwise parts of the pictures will not show.
  • Klick on „Write something about ...“. Now you can type a short text about your business/organization/yourself. A few words are enough here.
  • Up in the tab „Info“ click on „Edit information“. Add all important information on your business/ organization/ person and then click „Save Changes“.
  • In the tab „Photos“ click on „Create a Photo Album“ and upload photos of your business/ organizations/ person. These pictures can be seen by visitors of your facebook page.
  • On the left side click on „Edit Page“ to set who can upload what to your page.
  • Click „Suggest to Friends“ in order to invite your facebook friends to your new page.
  • At the bottom on the left click the button „Share“ to pust your facebook page to your regular facebook profile.
Of course there are many other advertising possibilities for your facebook page. Just try out a few things and also do not forget about your competitors. Every now and then check what the competition is doing facebookwise.

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