Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Budget-friendly photos for your advertising

Many small businesses and associations often have no budget for images for advertising, such as flyers or websites. But photos do not always have to be expensive.

When downloading photos from the Internet,
Google Images seems like a great chance to get free material. However, you must be aware that these photos are copyrighted and therefore should not be used on promotional materials. Moreover, these photos were mostly optimized for the Internet and therefore the quality is not sufficient to have them professionally printed.

Therefore, you should draw back on photo pages, which let you have artwork with user licenses.
On the following pages you can download pictures with an inexpensive license: www.pixelio.de, www.freedigitalphotos.net, www.morguefile.com, www.imageafter.com, commons.wikimedia.org, www.photocase.com.

When using images other than your own, you should always ensure that you purchase a license and may use the photos on printed material.

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