Friday, February 26, 2010

Research yourself on the Internet

Often it is helpful to know where and how you stand on the Internet, that means what data can be found about you on the world wide web. Good websites that you can use to check your status are the following:,,,, Of course, you can also do research on other people.

Never put information of yourself online, that you would not give out to someone you do not know very well. Everything you put on the Internet can be found by anyone. The more you disclose about yourself, the more transparent you become.
Also, remember that the Internet does not forget anything. Even if you believe you deleted something, the data is further stored on a server somewhere in this world and people will continue to have access to this data.

Your digital image plays a large role on the Internet, as well as on the outside. For example, if you apply for a job, then you can be sure that the company you applied to did some research on you on the Internet. If something negative is among the information, this could mean that your application will not be pursued.

Of course you can also control what is available on the Internet about you. You can provide nspecific information about yourself online. If you are expert in a particular subject area, you can post in relevant forums on this topic or comment on the contributions of other users.

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