Friday, January 29, 2010

Marketing for entrepreneurs – first steps

In the beginning, you won’t have the resources in order to conduct large-scale advertising campaigns. However, this is not absolutely necessary.

What you should definitely spend some money for in the beginning:
  • In order to increase the recognition value of your new business, you should have a professional logo.
  • Also have a graphic designer make you a business card. These can be used in place of an elaborate and expensive promotional leaflet.
  • Get a quote here from a designer for logo and business card together, so you come off a bit cheaper.
    You should get your business card as a PDF file that you can then upload to a supplier on the Internet in order to have it printed.
    Do not forget any important information on your business card, such as company name, logo, your name, phone, fax, email, website, address, and eventually what you sell.
  • A web site now belongs to the basic equipment of a company. Here, it is advisable to start small. In the beginning the same information that is on your business card should be enough.
    If you want to update your website periodically, without HTML or other skills, you should switch to a site with a CMS (Content Management System). You will be able to login on any PC - without having to install software - and update your website easily.

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