Friday, September 17, 2010

How to improve your Facebook page in 5 steps

Creating a facebook page for your business or organization is simple. However, your page should look professional. Follow these five tips to improve your facebook page:
  1. Choose an appropriate profile pictures. If you own a business, add a picture of it to your facebook page - preferably with the opening times in the photo. If you operate an online store you should use your logo together with the URL as a profile picture.
    Your facebook profile picture can be 200 px wide and 600 px high. It should not have more than 4 MB.
  2. Create a short URL, such as To make your URL shorter, go to Here you can set a username for your own facebook account and/or the facebook page of your association or company.
    It is best to use the name of your association or company, if it is not too long or already taken. Try to choose a user name that is easy to remember.
  3. On your facebook page add as much information as possible about your business/organization, such as the opening times, locations and a brief description.
  4. Add the links to your website and blog on your facebook page.
  5. If you sell products, you can upload pictures of them under the tab "Photos". Of course, you can also add pictures of your events etc.

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