Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Great software alternatives that are for free

Software can be pretty expensive. Especially for small businesses or associations that need a number of different licenses this can be a problem.
However, for many applications you use every day, there are great alternatives that are even for free. Here are some of the main software alternatives for Windows:

Office suite (word processing, spreadsheet,
  • OpenOffice
    Software package that is comparable to Microsoft Office.
    Contains a word-processing program (like Word), a spreadsheet program (like Excel), presentation program (such as Power Point) and others.

  • Google Docs
    Similar to Microsoft Office, but it is used online in the browser.
    A Google account is required. The created files are stored online and can be opened from anywhere (Cloud Computing).

    Very useful, but not a real alternative to OpenOffice or Microsoft


Creating and editing PDF files

Playing DVDs, videos and audio files
  • VLC media player
    Plays almost any audio and video formats.

  • Kantaris Media Player
    Plays DVDs, videos and audio files.
    Version 0.6.6 works with Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7.


Email (instead of Outlook or Outlook Express)

Internet Browsing

Programs for burning CDs and DVDs
  • CDBurnerXP
    Burns CDs, DVDs (including double layer and rewritable), Blu-Ray and
    HD DVDs. Reliable and not overloaded with extra features.

  • ImgBurn
    Burns DVDs, CDs, Blu-Ray and HD DVDs, and supports popular
    image formats.


Image optimization
  • GIMP
    With this software you can edit photos, create images, convert several files at once, use layers, fonts and effects. GIMP is developed by a large community.
  • Picasa
    For organizing and archiving photos, but also for image editing.


Anti-virus software
The free anti-virus programs protect against viruses and some also against spyware, but they do not protect against phishing attacks nor do they check your emails for viruses.

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  1. Right. Ich verwende aus jeder Sparte eins und hab noch nie für Software gelöhnt (außer sie kam mit einem neuen Rechner im Sonderangebot).