Thursday, July 22, 2010

PR for your organization: How to make it into the media with your company or organization

You will make it into the media (newspapers, radio, television, ...) with interesting events, such as an anniversary, a product launch, major investments, changes in personnel.

If there are no events present, you will have to create some. Organize an open house or hold lectures. You can make proposals to certain media (e.g. magazines) for journal articles on a specific subject, appear as an expert or write a journal article yourself. You can also offer your customers/clients something really special, such as an expert hotline, a free book or a raffle.

It is important that the event or occasion is interesting and arouses the attention among readers/viewers. So if you want to open a bakery in a city where there are already hundreds of them, neither the media nor the newspaper readers will be interested. But if you open an organic bakery, where people can also bake their own bread, it would be something very unusual and the media will certainly take it up. Organize events in cooperation with other companies or organizations. This way, you can create unusual events.

Always remember to make sure that your PR campaigns fit your company/association.

Do not make the mistake of underestimating local media, such as daily newspapers. Many people are subscribers to local newspapers - because of the local section. Let the local press know, what you do as a company/association.

Possible content for your news release could be the following:
  • News about the development of innovative products
  • News about the development of products for a special occasion, such as World Cup sausage
  • Messages that have serious consequences
  • Unusual news
  • Opinions or information about a current topic that affects/interests many people
  • News about record attempts (e.g. the Bavarian Red Cross set a record with getting 400 new blood donors within two days)
  • The parties are members of the public
  • Study results, test results, market surveys
  • Messages that have a benefit, such as events

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